Sunday, April 10, 2016

Poetic Alliteration- 10 of 30 NaPoMo2016

Perfectly perfect perfected poems
Write the right
Phrases formed for
Meaningful meanings meaning
Pressure placed per page pouring
Emoted emotions eventually
Seeing, sighing, soaring sometimes
Boring but brutal based
On open original
Thoughts that think
Ideal ideas indicating insanity
Longing lonely lost
Working words whirl while
Crying could corrupt creativity
Dangerously didn't do damage

Facts these Days 9 of 30 NaPoMo2016


Outer Space 8 of 30 NaPoMo2016

Eons after we said goodbye
I know this rocket can't make another safe landing
There's no sign of intelligent love life in sight

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Birthday 7 of 30 NaPoMo2016

Happy Birthday
Late-twenties latina
Lost but not losing
Not confusing priorities
The majority of energy goes into being better each day
Finding my way but falling into less traps along the path
Past battles shape my journey
Less knee jerking reactions with a fraction of less worry
A new year a new chapter
Building my own happily ever after.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To Be Continued... 6 of 30 NaPoMo2016

What do you do
When a jailbirds tune
Plays with your heart strings
And can't turn away?

Try not to listen
Or you too will end up in that cage.

And with age you never knew
This story came with a to be continued...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bilingual Poet Problems 5 of 30 NaPoMo2016

Losing my lengua
Lack of práctica
Falta of words
Olvidando phrases
Living between two languages
A veces es más dificil escribir
A poetic poesía

Rise and Shine {haiku} 4 of 30 NaPoMo2016

My Alarm Clock is
The King of Stealing My Dreams
Snooze is my weapon

Daisies (Nesting Doll Poem) 3 of 30 NaPoMo2016

This is a story of Little Miss Maisy,
Some call her crazy
But what they don't know
Is if you look deep inside you'll find a fire
That burns fierce when she's alone.
This fire was lighted
By her parents short-sighted
Who couldn't afford this child
Who had to grow up on her own
Sleeping on stone
Dreaming of a home
Left with a life that leaves more to be desired
The strive to survive keeps lit this fire.
And inside that fire you will find a fighter
The fighter Little Miss Maisy turned out to be
Hustling in the streets making ends meet
Moving her feet to the beat of her own drum.
Some call her crazy
But Little Miss Maisy made it out of that corner
Maisy made it out of that life
By becoming the wife of a man
Who wanted to end that strife of the fighter within the fire
And inside that fighter he saw a flower
Little Miss Maisy became his daisy
To love and nourish and grow,
She allowed this man to show her
A kindness that she hadn't experienced before
Her experience in the world mostly just showed her the door.
More and more as she felt this love
She realized her sense of worth
Was more than whatever was in her purse
Pursing her dreams was no longer extreme
Because Little Miss Maisy was now a team.
So from the fire that had the fighter
And inside the fighter was a flower
And from inside the flower Little Miss Maisy planted a seed
A new family to love and be loved
Was all that she would ever need.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rough Draft 2 of 30 NaPoMo2016

Winning words
Worried they won't come out
Of this pen that hasn't been used in...
More days than I'd like to admit
It has been hard to get this pen to the paper
Perhaps the ink is dry
But the more likely story is that
I haven't tried on my thinking cap in a while
Too scared it won't fit any longer
No longer feel like a blogger
Blocked up like Leggos
Unable to get let go and let the verses flow
Maybe this won't be Shakespeare
But peer out from around the corner
All great works have a first draft.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake- 18 of 30 NaPoMo2015

When a member of the french aristocracy said
"Let them eat cake."
To the poor with no bread
she might as well have said
Off with their head.
History has proven to us
Time and time again
That those without the money to spend
Don't always get the privilege to bask in the sweetness of life with no worry
Consumerist culture makes those lines blurry
Credit cards for the "middle class"
Just a band-aid on the wound
Minted shackles for those with no cash
Now a lot of us probably need a crash course in numbers
50 percent of the people having 1 percent of the riches
This inverted pyramid scheme just doesn't make any sense
Especially the part where some make all the dollars and some only cents
Resenting just makes this situation more and more tense
Then they want to talk about 47 percent
Calling people who need a hand up those with the easy life
just taking the hand out to hang out
but not really making anything out of this equation
This abrasion of wallet size invasion of the population
Circuses and bread when change is needed instead
Let them eat cake
Then off with their head

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rhyme 14 of 30 NaPoMo2015

Writing poetry
Avoiding stagnation
Putting to work my imagination
Rhyming words
Innovation I seek
Syllables, synonyms, symmetry, sync
Will get out the lines
Just got to think
But gotta do it well
So it won't stink
Pages of pretty printed poems
Put them in a book so you can show'em
Get them out into the world and everyone will know'em
Get your flow on
Don't let it stop
Putting down words to make it pop
Pulling it together as the beat drops
Listen to the art
Come out on top!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Knowledge 13 of 30 NaPoMo2015

Can we create an invention
That will will help with the retention
Of information?
A sensation in education
A societal transformation
Books of knowledge
Consumed by the ton
Making learning fun
Reading and researching
Everything under the sun
Then the trick would be
Getting great minds
To work as one

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Frozen 11 of 30 NaPoMo2015

Say something!
Do something!
We all think we'll be the hero when the time comes to step up against the bad guys.
Oh well if that happened to me I would...
I can't believe that happened, I would've...
That's horrible you should've...
Well you could've...
In the moment when the monster camouflaged as something... someone harmless
Decides to strike
Someone hit the pause button on empowerment
Fear froze my womanly strength
Froze my reflexes
Froze  my mind
This is not the kind of thing you can really prepare for.
But when you're violated in the middle of a crowded subway car
Stuck, struck, stroke, choking for air
All alarms going off on the inside
But still frozen with fear on the outside
Its so unfair, you want to stand up for yourself.
It's over it happened, but never again
She thought until the next time she ran into a similar beast
Iced response cannot compute what is happening
Say something!
Do something!
Don't just stay frozen
Don't stay broken
Don't let your spirit be stolen.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

If my life were a soap opera 9 of 30 NaPoMo2015

If my life were a soap opera
I’d want you to be at the edge of your seat
Week after week
With popcorn to eat
 But just like the reality of a lot of reality TV
If my life were a soap opera
It’d probably be cancelled
I’m more like sitcom status
Fat and friendly female
Wannabe funny and fierce
Far from General Hospital
Because the Days of Our Lives would be talking about All my Children…
In my classroom
Not a typical twisted telenovela
Just true tales of awkward adventures
That fall somewhere between Sunset Beach and Sesame Street with a dash of Maria la del Barrio
If my life were a soap opera
The drama for your mama
Would be a family affair
Getting just an introduction to all the dysfunction there
Unfair love arcs
Died out before they start
If my life were a soap opera
I’d stay Bold and Beautiful
As the world turns
Teaching the young and the Restless
and I’ll be back after these messages.

Homesick 8 of 30 NaPoMo2015

It has begun
The rollercoaster ride of feelings
Reeling highs and lows
Cries and woes
Not a sigh of relief in sight
Familar faces far away becoming strangers
Strangers becoming familiar faces
But nothing completely replaces a hug from Mom
Or hanging out with your sister
Not realizing how much you've missed her

Music Therapy 7 of 30 NaPoMo2015

Boom Boom Boom
Pop Pop Pop
Keep the music going
Don't let it stop
Downing my sorrows with sound
Pounding beats in between
Notes like the rainfall
Washing everything clean
I'm not going to scream or shout
Just belt it all out
Negative vibes get to steppin
Rhythm is my therapist
Peace of mind is here to stay.

Boomerang 6 of 30 NaPoMo2015

I keep trying to throw it away
But like a boomerang 
It shot back
This idea so insane
The argument is always the same
This wild passion
That cannot be tamed
This temptation that is a sin
Feeling your touch on my skin
That slick grin
I can't let win me over
But this has to be over
Not just slower
I can't lower my standards 
I have to stand for what's right
Which isn't always the same as
As what we want
Or what's easy. 

Last Year 5 of 30 NaPoMo2015

Putting down poems for 2014
A year not clear
If serene or a scream
From Dublin to Downtown Palmdale
Valencia to Plasencia
Another year of checking off places from the list
But perhaps missed opportunities
Definitely miss the unity friends and family
Making the whole of me
A person always happy
Not dwelling on crappy circumstances
Dancing at a distance
Moving a mile a minute
A treasured teacher
But a lonely lass
A decade old fairy tale burned to flames
Always the same
Decisions being made
Well played 2014
Well played

The Game of Life 4 of 30 NaPoMo2015

Growing up
Going up
The ladder of life
Just like the board games
Falling down chutes
Starting over
Starting under the rest
Playing catch up
Catching a break
or just praying for one
Playing for keeps
All-in isn't cheap
But big risks mean big wins
Find the strength from within
To pull yourself out
Of the hole you fell in
Or were pushed into
The truth is
For better or worse
We always have another turn coming.

Vacation 3 of 30 NaPoMo2015

Let's take a vacation
To a place where all the wonders of our imagination
Run free in peace.
Somewhere she said... Someday...

Luna 2 of 30 NaPoMo2015

Full moon flutters
Hanging in the night sky
All alone
Lighting the way in the darkness
Bringing enchantment too late hour walks
An wolves out of the woods
Full moon flutters
Feeling free
When she gets to shine

Haiku 1 of 30 NaPoMo2015

A haiku to start
National Poetry Month
Start small then go big!

Hey y'all April is here again!

I know I kind of fell off the band wagon last year at the end but I want to give it a go again in 2015! April started while i was on vacation, so I'm posting all of the poems from my notebook at once, then we'll get back to daily posts!

Thanks for reading <3 p="">

Friday, November 7, 2014


The absence of verses versus putting it all out on the table
It's not that I'm not capable
But this year put a cap on my able
To bring thoughts out and about.
It's not that life is unstable
But the pages in my notebook just became unstapled.
Muse and motivation muffled.
Stumbling upon silence
Screaming at the screeching halt of speech and semantics
Frantic at the fractions of phrases
Floating without a poem to call home.
Now trying to take off my cap
And put on my cape
SuperPoet is back
Letting no rhyme escape.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Untitled 27 of 30 NaPoMo2014

You can't show that you're sad
Because everyone thinks that you're happy.
They want you to be happy
You're supposed to be happy.
You want to be happy
Why isn't this working.?
Self imposed
Unrealistic expectations.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Night Without Stars 25 of 30 NaPoMo2014

They gazed into each other's eyes
Seeing sunflowers and serenity
Soaking in the presence of togetherness.
Nestled closely
Holding on to what they could
For they knew that the demon was coming
Distance would find them
And tear to shreds
The threads of happiness in
Early morning whispers
Strolls through the park
Leaving only the feeling of emptiness
Embedded in their hearts
Distance is the demon and
Circumstance is his brother,
Two forces forcing this separation
Father Time is another
They looked up
To see if there was something
Something to lead them
To the solution
The picture perfect potion
They were looking all night
But the dark cold sky
Was just starless.

Oops 24 of 30 NaPoMo2014

The plate fell
I didn't mean to tell your secret
I forgot the gift
Never comes before something good